The EArly Years

How faith and sacrifice shaped our story

The alarm rang at 4:30am on a cold winter morning in the late 1950's. He pulled himself out of bed and made his way out the door. The cold air was abrasive, yet he continued along his familiar path towards the old church building on Myrtle Street. Several blocks later he arrived. Blowing warm air through his cupped hands gave him enough dexterity to unlock the door. He made his way through the darkness towards the old furnace. 

This was a regular Sunday routine for Mr. Bill Cheatwood. He was faithfully making sure that the Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene building was heated and ready for the people of the Lord to gather in worship.

Love God. Love Others. Serve Both

Our Mission

Many years have passed since Bill would faithfully open the church every morning. But, the heart of service remains. Today, LFCN is made up people just like Bill who are eager to Love God, Love Others, and Serve Both.