Three Opportunities for Growth

As your story unfolds at LFCN, we'd like to present THREE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. These are three areas that we believe the Lord is calling us to seize in order to expand His kingdom's work in Lynchburg and beyond! 

  • A new Compassionate Ministry Center

    We will transform the Family Life Center building into an official Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Center, expanding the scope and scale of compassionate ministry we are able to provide to Central Virginia and beyond.

  • Build a New Children's Education Center

    We will build a two-story Children’s Education Center attached to the east side of the Worship Center to address the significant need for a larger and safer space for our children.

  • Become Debt Free

    We will pay off all our remaining debt to bring freedom to expand the reach of LFCN’s kingdom work.

seizing these opportunities

You are a church of action. Like David selecting the right stones for Goliath. Like Joshua marching around Jericho. Like Esther facing the king. Like the disciples casting their net on the other side. Like Peter taking a step out of the safety of his boat. LikeJames and John running to the empty tomb. Serving both is never passive! Will you help your church capture these opportunities? This campaign calls for two areas of action.

Will You Pray?

Pray that the people of LFCN would be so filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, committed to living in true Christian holiness, generous with their time, talent, and resources, compassionate in ministry to the less fortunate, intentional in raising children to love Jesus, bold in sharing the Gospel, and united in spirit and purpose that a multitude of lost souls in our city, country, and world would be drawn to Jesus!

Will you Give? 

Campaign Goal: $3,000,000

We recognize this is a very big number. We also believe wholeheartedly that we can achieve it! The amazing generosity of the people of LFCN has been demonstrated time and time again for over 60 years!

It’s not about equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. Not everyone will be able to give the same amount.But will you pray earnestly about your pledge and commit to give sacrificially above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings?