LifeGroups at LFCN provide a comfortable atmosphere where people can experience authentic community for the purpose of spiritual growth. They act as a small group context for being a disciple of Jesus and are the next step if you are already committed to attending a weekly worship service and a Bible study. If you are interested in joining a life group, please email us!

Below is a list of our LifeGroup leaders (& co-leaders, where applicable) for 2017!

Mac & Ann Addair w/ Andrew & Ashley Holland

Caleb & Stephanie Atkins

Chris & Katie Barber w/ Matt & Cheri Quinn

Dave & Barbara Erbe

Doug Fry

Nathan & Katie Gravitt w/ Sarah Sweitzer and Lauren Hensley

Jeremy & Rachael Kamm w/ Allison Scoles

Randy & April Long w/ Josh & Kari Phillips

Mike & Bethany Lyle w/ Barry & Vicki Thornsbury

Kevin & Carrie Nash w/ Brandon & Russanna Cook

Kyle & Cher Priestly w/ Tim & Amy Woodard

Chris & Lisa Patrick

Scott & Rhonda Raines

Brad & Jaime Robertson

Tim & Jody Schauer w/ Todd & Beth Ramsey

Andy Scoles w/ Seth DeGraves

Dan & Amy Seipp

Priscilla Tomlin

Dave & Alba Wheeler