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MIssions: LoCal & Global

The Local Church

There are many ways we encourage our people to serve, including, but not limited to: nursery, children's ministry, youth, worship, greeting/parking lot, Celebrate Recovery, WellSpring Counseling, office assistance, worship technology, food pantry, facilities, groundskeeping, hospitality, & meal team. 

Nazarene World Missions

LFCN considers it a privilege & opportunity to be a part of a Missions organization that reaches around the world. Every Nazarene church in the world participate in supporting over 800 Nazarene missionaries in 159 world areas. A significant amount of our local budget is designated for Nazarene Missions.

To donate, CLICK HERE and follow the link to give to WEF (World Evangelism Fund).

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Loma Del Viento

One of the best ways to counter the concerns that we have for the plight of our world is to get busy making a difference. One of the most impoverished areas in the world is found in the mountainous region of Guatemala. The people in these remote villages have been nicknamed “the forgotten people.” Most of these villages have limited water sources, serious health issues from malnutrition, limited education and various other issues that are tied directly to poverty.  

In 2016, LFCN adopted one of these remote villages in Zacapa, Guatemala. Loma Del Viento is a village that has nearly 1,000 residents. An estimated 600 of these residents are children. The LFCN “Village Transformation” is a partnership with two humanitarian organizations: World Help & Hope of Life. As a local church, we are committed to transforming this community with the compassion that comes from Jesus.  

In December of 2016, our first team of 25 from LFCN arrived in Loma Del Viento. It was on this trip that we hosted wellness clinics, presented a VBS for the children, installed a new school playground, upgraded the school’s restrooms, and dedicated a water well that can be used by the entire village.  

We are in the planning stages of sending another team in December of 2017 and a third team in 2018. If you have questions about LFCN Village Transformation simply email us.

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Food Pantry & Meal Team

There are many ways to serve in LFCN's weekly food pantry. Contact us for details on how to get involved. 

One BIG way that EVERYONE can help...LFCN participates the 'Kroger Cares' program and we've had terrific results. Kroger shoppers simply need to do a one-time link of their Kroger Plus shopping card to LFCN's Kroger Community Rewards account number. Then select "my account" and then "Community Rewards". You can search for Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene, or enter our organization number which is 83644. Questions? Call 434.239.4943 and we'll help you out.

If you're looking for a tangible way to support your church family, our meal team often provides help to new moms, those recovering from illnesses or surgeries and those going through crisis as needed. Contact us to get involved!

Crisis Care Kits

Crisis Care Kits are a cooperative effort between Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Incorporated (NCMI) and Nazarene Missions International (NMI).

Shopping List for USA CCK's:

-1 Shampoo (12 to 18 oz.)

-2 Bars of Soap (Bath size or larger)

-1 Toothpaste (4.0 to 6.4 oz.)

-3 Toothbrushes (in original packaging)

-1 Box of Bandaids (30 or more)

-1 Fingernail clippers

-1 Sturdy hair combs

-2 Hand towels

-4 Pocket-sized pkgs. Kleenex

-1 Beanie Baby-sized stuffed toy

***Each Crisis Care Kit (CCK) should contain only the items/quantities listed. Place all items into a 2-gallon zip-lock bag.

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LFCN has the pleasure of partnering with Rolf & Debbie Kleinfeld who are Nazarene missionaries in Cambodia. Since 2008, LFCN has specifically focused abroad on the mission of helping spread the gospel in Southeast Asia through long-term monetary supportto help out there. 

To learn more about Rolf & Debbie Kleinfeld and/or to invest in their ministry, please visit their website.